Creamery Arts Center

(Photo courtesy Springfield Regional Arts Council)

Every summer the Springfield Regional Arts Council cooperates with the Springfield Community Center to present a six-week program for kids in Zones 1 and 2 who are served by the Community Center.  It's called "Arts in the Park"--Jordan Valley Park, to be exact, where the Arts Council's Creamery Arts Center offices are located. Each week during the six-week program, representatives  from Springfield's major visual and performing arts groups conduct week-long workshops with the kids based on each organization's specialty: the Symphony, Little Theatre, the Opera, the Art Museum, and so on.

(Photo courtesy

Influenced by Will Ackerman’s Windham Hill record label in the late 1980s, the music of conservatory-trained pianist and composer Dan Kennedy infuses New Age music with jazz and rock.

Theresa Bettmann / KSMU

It was graduation day Friday for students of Arts in the Park, an eight-week long summer art program for area children. For many, the program allowed local youth to experience the arts for the first time. KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann was at the graduation ceremony.

An excited group of kids gathers inside the Creamery Arts Center, as their parents await a series of presentations. The festivities begin with some of the youngest children reading their individual poems one by one to the entire group.