Dickerson Park Zoo

Dickerson Park Zoo

A zookeeper at Dickerson Park Zoo just returned from Cincinnati where he got to meet Henry’s daughter, Fiona.

Henry, a Nile hippopotamus, was moved to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden last June to breed with Bibi, a female hippo relocated from the St. Louis Zoo.  According to Dickerson Park Zoo, Henry was a longtime resident of Dickerson Park Zoo, and Tracy Campbell was one of his primary caretakers for 14 years.

Dickerson Park Zoo

Three new cheetah cubs made their appearance at Dickerson Park Zoo earlier this month.  The triplets, born May 2, are the first cheetah cubs born at the zoo since 2003.

A cheetah birth is “a big deal” in the zoo community because they are difficult to breed, according to senior zookeeper Ken Harmon.

Zookeeper Sheila Samek said they’d been trying to breed the female, Roni, for two years.  The cubs’ father is Tendagi.

Cincinnati Zoo

1/31/17:  Henry's baby has a name.  It's Fiona (which means "fair"), given to her by Cincinnati zoo staff who have been caring for her around the clock since she was born six weeks early on January 24.  

“Even though Fiona’s not out of the woods yet, every baby needs a name and her animal care team thought the name was a perfect fit for their 'fair' little girl,” said Christina Gorsuch, curator of mammals at the Cincinnati Zoo. “They have been with her 24 hours a day and think this name suits her personality.”

Michele Skalicky / KSMU

A Dickerson Park Zoo resident who was injured and lost a leg is well enough to go back on exhibit.  The zoo says Asian tiger, Petra, was injured in an accident with a male tiger on September 13, and the zoo’s veterinarian had to amputate her front leg.  Since then she’s remained inside so she can heal.  She’s been outside but hasn’t been on view to zoo visitors.

The zoo plans to have her on exhibit for public viewing during the morning hours as soon as this weekend.   The zoo is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

Dickerson Park Zoo

Henry’s old stomping grounds at Dickerson Park Zoo are now a temporary home to two other hippos.  Zambezi and Kasia have arrived at the zoo to stay until their new exhibit at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado is finished.

To welcome the pair, the zoo is planning events to benefit Ozarks Food Harvest later this month.  The zoo’s public relations director, Joey Powell, says it takes a lot to feed a hippo, “and Ozarks Food Harvest knows what it takes to feed a community.”