Dickerson Park Zoo

Dickerson Park Zoo

Your final chance to say goodbye to Henry the Hippo is Wednesday.  That’s the last day he’ll be on exhibit at Springfield’s Dickerson Park Zoo.  After that he’ll move to a new $8 million home at the Cincinnati Zoo where he’ll have a female companion from the St. Louis Zoo.

Henry’s arrival in Springfield as a young hippo from the San Francisco Zoo in 1982 was made possible by a donation from Henry and Jane Schneider.

Dickerson Park Zoo

A going away party will be held this weekend--but the guest of honor might not have a clue what’s going on.  Dickerson Park Zoo will give the public the chance to say goodbye to Henry the Hippo with special events tomorrow and Sunday. 

Henry is going to the Cincinnati, Ohio Zoo in mid-June to live in a new $8 million habitat and for the first time in many years will have a female companion, according to Dickerson Park Zoo officials.

Dickerson Park Zoo

An elephant at Dickerson Park Zoo has died.  Khun Chorn, known locally as Mr. Ed, was found lying in the barn over the weekend and unable to stand.

According to the zoo, while elephants will lie down to rest or sleep they typically aren’t down for long periods of time due to their size.  The pressure of their weight can cause damage to internal organs, and that’s what zookeepers were worried about with Khun Chorn.


Dickerson Park Zoo has announced two major changes that will happen soon.

After calling the Dickerson Park Zoo home for many years, Henry the Hippo is leaving Springfield.  He’ll be moved to the Cincinnati Zoo in early 2016 to live at a new exhibit currently under construction.  According to Dickerson Park Zoo officials, the zoo’s hippo facility is “not on par with those at other zoos with water filtration systems, larger indoor and outdoor spaces and exceptional viewing both above and under water for the public.”


An  Eastern bongo calf, that was born in early June, is one of the new faces at the zoo.  According to zoo officials the calf "stays close to his mother’s side in the yard in the Africa region of the zoo." Eastern bongos are large forest-dwelling antelope.  They're now only found in isolated areas of Kenya, including Aberdares Conservation Area, the Mau Forest and Mt. Kenya National Park.