Dr. David Romano

(Photo: Randy Stewart)

The oud (pronounced "ood") is one of the more ancient musical instruments still actively utilized around the world.  You'll have a rare local opportunity to hear the oud played by a virtuoso on the instrument today (Friday Sept.22) at 5:00pm in Missouri State University's Craig Hall Coger Theater.

Dr. David Romano’s loved ones sometimes ask if he’d prefer to study a less volatile part of the world – Norwegian beaches, perhaps?

But, that’s not him. He’s especially interested in social movements that take up arms for their cause.

“It doesn’t even occur to me not to be impassioned about it.” 

The opportunity to examine such questions drew his attention to the Middle East and ultimately to Kurdish communities in the region.

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Americans are hearing this week horror stories of the radical militant group ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Shams, and its brutal takeover of several Iraqi cities. ISIS fighters have reportedly beheaded religious minorities who refused to convert to Islam. Much of that battle is blazing in the Kurdish region of Iraq, in the north, which is home to many minority groups.   KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson spoke with an expert on that region who feels the United States should send heavy arms directly to the Kurds, who are America’s allies.