Inside Syria: A Physician's Memoir

Children are the biggest casualty of the Syria war, raging since 2011. Thousands of them have been killed, injured and ripped apart from their families.

To shed light on the humanitarian crisis, a film crew comprising Missouri State University students and alumni is creating a feature-length documentary through Carbon Trace Productions

Shannon Bowers

A documentary film crew from Springfield has just returned from Jordan, where they spent a week interviewing Syrian refugees. 

Shannon Bowers is a lead producer and the main interviewer for Carbon Trace Productions film crew.  She and three others landed in Amman, grabbed some hummus and tabbouli, then went to work filming in refugee clinics run by the Syrian American Medical Society.

The book, Inside Syria:  A  Physician’s Memoir, co-written by pediatric neurologist Dr. Tarif Bakdash who worked for a time at Mercy Springfield and Dr. W.D. Blackmon,head of the MSU English Department, puts into context the current political and humanitarian crisis involving Syria.  The authors will present readings in southern Missouri next week.  KSMU’s Michele Skalicky talked with them about the book.