Jackie Warfel

Kathryn Eutsler/KSMU

From the street, it doesn’t look like much. On one side, a privacy fence contains overgrown weeds that resemble mounds of green and yellow spaghetti. On the other side, rows of white and grey houses. Cars whoosh by.

"There’s an old railroad bed that runs through there.”

That’s Terry Waley, executive director of Ozark Greenways. He says the organization first acquired this land years ago, and figured:

“Someday we’ll turn it into a trail.”

Randy Heinitz/Flickr

The Greene County Historic Sites Board has added three sites along U.S. Route 66 to its list of historic places. As KSMU’s Julie Greene reports, these locations have a long history in the county, two of which have been open for generations.

The mission of the board is to identify historic sites, advocate preservation and recognize what it feels are significant elements in the cultural and historic heritage of the county. There are 75 historic sites recognized in Greene County. That now includes three new sites, two of which have been open for 80 years.