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Late August is when many of the bills passed this session by the Missouri Legislature and signed into law by the governor go into effect. That could mean changes for state businesses and organizations.

For Missouri State University, more than half a dozen bills will require action on the school’s part to be in compliance with new law.


Ozarks Technical Community College is one of dozens of organizations having money withheld following a decision Wednesday by Gov. Jay Nixon.

The $1 million withhold for OTC’s Republic campus is part of over $115 million Nixon has restricted from new and expanding programs in order to balance the Fiscal Year 2017 budget.

“We’re disappointed that the money is being withheld but we are hopeful that the governor will release the funds when the state’s revenue improves,” said Mark Miller, OTC spokesman.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon came to Kansas City Wednesday to sign legislation strengthening laws against human trafficking.

“We tend to think of human trafficking as something that happens in a distant, undeveloped country,” Nixon said. “But the tragic reality is, right here in the United States, human trafficking is a real and growing problem.”

Ozark Greenways

Three years ago, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon launched the 100 Missouri Miles Challenge after the state was named the Best Trails State by American Trails.  Since then, the more than 26,800 Missourians who signed up to participate have logged more than five million miles.

Gov. Jay Nixon on Monday signed several bills into law, including one designed to prevent identity theft.

Senate Bill 624 makes it a class A misdemeanor to possess stolen credit card information or devises, even if the info or devise has not been used after being stolen.