Jenny Fillmer Edwards

Claire Kidwell / KSMU

The renovation of an Historic African American church that was moved to Silver Springs Park continues, and now work has begun on the interior of the building.

Jenny Fillmer Edwards is the Public Information Administrator for the Springfield-Greene County Park Board.

“It’s a milestone really because it’s the first interior work that we’ve done, and everything we’ve done previously has been outside or underneath.”

Park Board Implements New Photo Policy

Jul 24, 2014
KSMY/Taylor Vance

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board has implemented a new photography policy outlining how photographers and videographers may operate in public parks. KSMU’s Taylor Vance has the story.

The policy is designed to help preserve the parks and help reduce potential damages that can occur from photography sessions.

Within the past century Springfield has grown exponentially, with city parks some of the most beloved parts of that urban development. This year, the Springfield-Greene County Park Board is celebrating its centennial in cooperation with the History Museum. For our local history series, Sense of place, KSMU’s Emma Wilson brings us the story.

After 25 years on the job, Mike Smith retired from KSMU last week. Randy Stewart aksed some old friends and colleagues for some reminiscences.

RANDY: Haven Miller is Communications Director for the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. He was KSMU's first full-time News Director, and knew Mike Smith in the early days.