Lake Taneycomo

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The Department of Conservation has a message for people fishing in Lake Taneycomo right now.  Biologists say they need to keep in mind that current water conditions make this a stressful time of year for trout.

There currently are low levels of dissolved oxygen in the lake, and until cooler temperatures remedy the situation, anglers who fish there and plan to release trout need to minimize the time they take to reel in and release them.  When they’re unhooked, gently hold them under water until they can swim off on their own.

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KSMU told you last week about dead trout at Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery due to environmental conditions.  But Missouri Department of Conservation biologists say similar water quality issues are impacting Lake Taneycomo, too.

The main impact on the water is low levels of dissolved oxygen.  That can be attributed to summer rains that caused sudden inflows into Table Rock Lake, which is the primary source of Taneycomo’s water.  Cooler temperatures are expected to fix the problem.

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On the so-called “swimming island” in Rockaway Beach, Missouri, a few trout fishermen cast their lines into Lake Taneycomo. The cold water of the lake is perfect for the trout that come from the fish hatchery near Table Rock Dam, 22 miles upstream.