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There's no shortage of 5K races and fun runs. But picture this:  scores of people, bound together by grief, finishing a 5K and then hoisting paper lanterns up into the night sky as a symbol of what they've lost.  KSMU's Megan Burke has details.

As a teacher, Kim Martin occasionally had students experience the loss of a parent. She says she was sensitive to their loss, but after a month, she'd find herself urging them to push forward. "Life goes on," she'd tell them.

Then, on Christmas of 2010, she lost her husband.

Mike Smith / KSMU

For KSMU I’m Mike Smith, and it’s time now for Making a Difference Where You Live, produced in cooperation with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, which a little over a month ago hosted the inaugural Give Ozarks (online) Day of Giving.  From midnight to midnight May 5th, donors logged on to giveozarks.org , and contributed to support some 150 non-profits in the 46 communities across southern Missouri where CFO affiliates are found.