Missouri could fall in line with other states hoping to implement work requirements for “able-bodied” Missourians on Medicaid.

A Senate Committee held a public forum Wednesday morning on legislation that would require some residents to engage in 20 hours of work, education, job searching or other services per week.

Earlier this year, 69-year-old Aneita McCloskey needed her two front teeth filed down and capped.

“They were kind of worn down and they were also getting little tears and cavities,” she recalls.

Without dental insurance, McCloskey is on the hook for the full $2,400 cost of the procedure. She was given 18 months to pay it before she gets charged interest. That’ll be hard to do on her fixed income.

In years past she would have had to wait to see the dentist again until she could afford it.

When cattle farmer Greg Fleshman joined the board of Putnam County Memorial Hospital in rural northern Missouri in 2011, the hospital was on the brink of closing.

“Things we just falling apart financially and the morale of the employees. And it just seemed to get worse and worse,” he recalls. “Those were the darkest days.”

MO Legislature Races to the Finish this Week

May 11, 2015
MO Secretary of State

The Missouri Legislature enters the final five days of its annual session this afternoon with a major partisan battle taking shape.  Phill Brooks reports from Jefferson City.

The senate's Republican leader vows that right to work legislation, to ban requiring workers to join unions, will be the first issue for the week to be taken up in the senate.  And, if Democrats filibuster, Ron Richardson said their issue, to continue full federal Medicaid funding, will be stalled.

Walk a Day in my Shoes
Briana Simmons

Cartessie Johnson is a mother of two. Her youngest child lives with her in the home of Ulysses Calloway, who depends upon home care for his day-to-day needs.

The 55-year-old Johnson, who is just five years younger than Calloway, says a raise could help relieve the physical and mental burden of doing so much work for so little pay. She gets emotional about her lack of income and inability to buy things for her teenaged daughter.