Michele Fields

Inspired Boutique
Ryan Welch / KSMU

Patrons mingle as they browse clothing racks inside a boutique store in downtown Springfield, waiting for the start of a fashion show. The bustling crowd has gathered on the first Friday of October, during the city's Art Walk. A fall breeze blows through the boutique’s open doors along Walnut Street, which welcomes in the sounds of nearby vehicle traffic and the beeping of a crosswalk.


“Just because someone may not be able to be verbal, doesn’t mean that they can’t hear you,” said Michele Fields, director of Public Awareness for Abilities First.

Abilities First and The Moxie Cinema are teaming up to host Life, Animated. The documentary, showing Saturday at 1 p.m., is about an autistic boy Owen Suskind who was unable to speak as a child. Through his love of classic Disney films, communication is restored within his family.