Mike Parson

For the first time in 12 years, someone besides Peter Kinder will be lieutenant governor of Missouri.

Kinder jumped into the governor's race and lost in a crowded Republican primary, coming in third in a contest won by Eric Greitens. The major party candidates on the Nov. 8 ballot are Democrat Russ Carnahan and Republican Mike Parson.

Sen. Mike Parson
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State Sen. Mike Parson (R-Bolivar) says he’ll introduce legislation this year making an assault or attempted murder of a law officer a hate crime.

Speaking at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office in Springfield Thursday, Parson said recent events across the nation are leading us down a “path of destruction” if we don’t rally behind law enforcement.

“If you’re gonna target somebody simply because they’re wearing a uniform, there’s no other reason but because you hate that person. And that needs to be part of the hate crimes of the state of Missouri,” said Parson.

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20 Republican state senators have now joined in calling on Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon to suspend the acceptance of Syrian refugees relocating in Missouri.

On Monday in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, Nixon said he wants “federal partners to implement the strongest possible safeguards to protect our state and nation.” But he stopped short of refusing refugees from settling in Missouri, which other governors – including Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson – are in favor of.

(Updated 2 p.m. Mon., July 27)

Missouri’s Republican contest for governor has gotten less crowded — at least for now — as state Sen. Mike Parson has decided to run for the state’s No. 2 post instead. And on Monday, he released a list of supporters, including the state Senate's leadership.

Meanwhile, the GOP’s newest gubernatorial candidate — state Sen. Bob Dixon of Springfield — offered some details about his previously acknowledged past in the 1980s when he lived several years as a young gay man.

In an emailed statement to St. Louis Public Radio, Dixon blamed child abuse for what he called “teenage confusion.” He now is married, has three children and is a staunch social conservative who believes in traditional marriage.

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Missouri State Senator Mike Parson says he’ll run a positive campaign in his pursuit of the governor’s mansion in 2016. Parson made an official announcement on Thursday at Bolivar High School.

In front of a raucous hometown crowd of approximately 500, the Republican senator says he’s ready to launch a campaign built on the values acquired as a member of the U.S. Army, Polk County sheriff, and farmer.