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Adults take for granted the ability to resolve conflict — a skill perfected over a lifetime. Missouri State professor Dr. Charlene Berquist hopes to offer victims, offenders and other at-risk youths the opportunity to build the skills needed to pull themselves out of a justice system that may swallow them up.

She discusses the Restorative Justice program at the Center for Dispute Resolution – a center she serves as the director for.

  Due to the fact the offenders are juveniles, the parents play an important role, she added.

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Homeschoolers often walk undetected among students at Missouri State. This past fall, 2,801 first-time college freshman began coursework at MSU. And as KSMU’s Kathryn Eutsler reports, 28 of them graduated from home.

“[Other people] definitely think that we’re awkward. Which, I am. To be honest I’m socially different.”

That’s Levi Harris. He’s a sophomore Pre-Med student at Missouri State, and he is among this small group of students that did not attend “regular” school before coming to college.

At college campuses across the U.S., free speech zones exist to allow people from outside the school to express themselves.

At Missouri State University, content neutral speech can take place at three such areas; behind Strong Hall, north of the football stadium, and north of the Plaster Student Union. And those wanting to utilize the space must request a permit, which can allow for up to eight hours of expression.

“They need to tell us when they wanna be here. They choose which spot they wanna be in – one of the spots allows for increased volume, the others do not.”

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Sex trafficking is a bigger issue than you think, says Toshia Shaw, a behavioral health professional who has been working with victims of the crime for several years.

“We all have a responsibility as citizens – ethical citizens – to open our eyes, see what’s going on, report things that just out of place that doesn’t seem right.”

And Shaw knows all too well the devastating effects sex trafficking can have on victims.

“It can from school of hard knocks. I am myself a survivor of sex trafficking. But it happened to me as an adult,” she says.

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Parking for Missouri State University Students will increase by 20 percent this summer.

Student Cassidy Bland has a parking permit, but she plugged a parking meter today. She says she’s just grateful to have a parking spot at all.

“I got so frustrated once, that, I was already late for class, and I just went home,” Bland explains.