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When you die, will your survivors know your immediate wishes? They will if you have completed some basic financial estate planning. Dr. James Philpot, associate professor of finance at Missouri State University, first explains what the term means.

While making sure these plans are in place is incredibly important, Philpot urges listeners to not only complete them, but to communicate openly about them to all those involved.

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Missouri State University President Clif Smart says allegations of mistreatment against Vice President Dr. Ken Coopwood, while a distraction to some extent, will not take away from the school’s primary focus of improving diversity and inclusion efforts.

An ongoing independent review into the allegations comes as MSU students are calling for more action and accountability concerning diversity measures.  

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Calling for better accountability and commitment to Missouri State University’s public affairs mission, a group of students has delivered recommendations to the Board of Governors on how to improve the school’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Bullying has been directly correlated to lower attendance rates, increased high school drop out rates, lower college enrollment rates, and in some horrific instances, suicide. Nearly every school has adopted a no tolerance bullying policy and instituted intervention programs for victims. Dr. Leslie Echols, assistant professor of psychology at Missouri State University, believes that victims need a more personal response and is working on a research project entitled “Are fast friends slow to bully?” that could serve as a preventative measure if instituted widely. 

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The chair of the Missouri State University Board of Governors, Steve Hoven, has issued a statement on “current events” on campus.  The message, sent by the University Communications Office, is in response to a petition filed on MoveOn.org by Du’Sean Howard to “call attention to the gross and racist treatment being hurled at Dr. Ken Coopwood.”  Coopwood is MSU’s first black vice-president and serves as vice president of diversity and inclusion there.