Missouri State University

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Missouri State University’s Dining Services Department has launched an innovative way to grow food and provide it for consumers on campus.  It began using what is called a ZipGrow Tower, a vertical growing system that allows for a greener and more convenient way of growing and harvesting produce. 

The division for diversity and inclusion (DDI) at Missouri State University will present a variety of talks, discussions and creative work as part of the “Shattering the Silences” series throughout the spring semester with the intention of facilitating discussion to contribute to a positive campus and community climate.

JQH Arena
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Athletic success is one way higher education institutions can raise their profile and offer a peek into the school’s other offerings.

For Missouri State University, a recent example of that was the success of and national attention paid to last year’s postseason run by the Bears’ baseball team. It’s one of 17 athletic programs at the school.

 Yoga is said to be an exercise of the body, mind and soul. It is clear that since the ancient days, there was an understanding that each of these areas influenced the others. Dr. Amber Abernathy, Mary-Charlotte Bayles Shealy Chair in Conscientious Psychology at Missouri State University, is testing this relationship through a collaborative research project with Dr. Stephen Berkwitz, head of the religious studies department.

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Before a crowd of about 1,000 Friday, Harvard professor Robert Putnam said Springfield has a more sophisticated understanding of the gap between poor kids and rich kids than other places.

“I came here today partly to share my ideas about how did this happen and what could we do about it,” Putnam told KSMU prior to his speech at Missouri State University’s Juanita K. Hammons Hall. “But partly to learn the experience from people right here in Springfield who are really doing important works to try to narrow the opportunity gap and to rebuild social capital right here.”