Missouri State University

Wes Pratt
Missouri State University

Missouri State University has made new appointments to its diversity team less than a week after Dr. Ken Coopwood announced his resignation as vice president of Diversity and Inclusion.

The school said Friday that H. Wes Pratt will become assistant to the president/chief diversity officer and Dr. O. Gilbert Brown will assume the role of associate provost for diversity. Both appointments are pending approval by the Board of Governors.

Missouri State University

Dr. Michael Reed looks at stars. To be more specific, he and his team study stars to find out what makes them tick. His current research encompasses both exoplanet detection and the study of interacting binary systems.

Mike comes to the studio to discuss his work, and help us see the beauty in the heavens. He goes over the general background of a star’s life and then details his efforts to learn how pairs of stars are behaving in ways that don’t always seem to add up.

Missouri State University

A Missouri State University administrator who was the subject of a recent investigation to determine if he had been discriminated against will resign.

Dr. Ken Coopwood will step down from his position as vice president of Diversity and Inclusion on April 30. The school says he is on leave until that time.

Missouri State University

An independent review has found no evidence to support allegations of race-based discrimination against Dr. Ken Coopwood, Missouri State University’s vice president of Diversity and Inclusion.

The school issued a statement and executive summary concerning the investigation on Thursday, a day after the full report was shared with the MSU Board of Governors.

When you die, will your survivors know your immediate wishes? They will if you have completed some basic financial estate planning. Dr. James Philpot, associate professor of finance at Missouri State University, first explains what the term means.

While making sure these plans are in place is incredibly important, Philpot urges listeners to not only complete them, but to communicate openly about them to all those involved.