Mount Vernon Community Theatre

(Photo: Randy Stewart)

Mount Vernon Community Theatre inaugurates a new Songbook Series: "Duets, An Evening of Entertaining Pairs" in three performances in Monett, Mount Vernon and Aurora this weekend.  The impetus for doing such a show, says Matt Teel of MVCT, was borne of necessity. The company normally presents a fully-staged musical during the summer. "But we do share the space (the Mount Vernon Arts and Recreation Center, or 'MARC') with several other groups, including another theater group in Mount Vernon (Rebels Bluff Troupe), and they have the space for this summer.

(Poster design courtesy Mount Vernon Community Theatre)

Teen idol Conrad Birdie has been drafted into the Army, and teenage girls around the country are heartbroken!  Mount Vernon Community Theatre will produce the musical Bye Bye Birdie at the MARC, the Mount Vernon Arts and Recreations Center, 822 Mt.Vernon Blvd, July 23-26.  Matt Teal, who plays Albert Peterson, the manager of the Elvis-like singing sensation Conrad Birdie, tells KSMU about how this show was selected.