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A handful of business owners are voicing their support for repealing Springfield’s sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance.

Dick Hardy is founder and president of The Hardy Group and former member of the city’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Task Force. During a press conference Monday afternoon, Hardy presented four arguments supporting the repeal, and later reiterated those points during a phone interview with KSMU.

City Hall
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A mutually agreeable collective bargaining agreement is in sight between the city of Springfield and the Springfield Police Officers’ Association (SPOA), Fraternal Order of the Police Lodge 22. 

The city council received and accepted an arbitrator’s recommendations on the issue of wages during a Friday meeting, according to a news release. Wages was the one issue that was unresolved and led to an impasse between both entities in September. A hearing was then held before the arbitrator in January.

In general, the recommendations include the following:

Bear Village with permission

Driving around the Missouri State University campus or downtown Springfield these days, you can’t help but notice construction projects at nearly every turn.  Student housing has been on the rise for the past few years, and once sparse choices are becoming a creative competition to provide unique experiences. 

The Vecino Group with permission

John Sellars is a happy man these days. The executive director of the History Museum on the Square in Springfield doesn’t need to look far to admire some of the many renovations currently underway.

“I can look out my window here on the square and can see construction going on in all points of the compass.   I walk from my car and I look down Robberson alley and I see work going on at the Vandivort.   I see activity all around downtown and we’re on the cusp of a tremendous resurgence here,” Sellars says.

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In this segment of KSMU's Sense of Community Series, KSMU's Michele Skalicky meets with business owners and Branson's economic development director about the business climate in Historic Downtown Branson.

Business was booming on a recent Monday morning at Dick’s 5 and 10 in downtown Branson. 

Lots of people—from kids to seniors—were browsing the wide variety of items for sale there, including bacon flavored soda.