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1:00 pm
Fri January 10, 2014

With School Back in Session, Students Advised to Take Precautions From Flu

Credit: Flu.gov

Recent school cancellations due to poor weather conditions may have allowed enough time for students to recover from certain seasonal illnesses. However, the likelihood of getting sick may increase next week. KSMU’s Scott Harvey reports.

Amidst the flu season, an extra week off from school may have broken up the cycle of disease spread. But Kendra Findley with the Springfield Greene-County Health Department warns a new cycle could emerge.

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5:12 am
Thu February 28, 2013

Precision Cataract Laser System Unveiled at Mercy

The Catalys Precision Laser System by OptiMedica/Credit: Scott Harvey

As the number of people with cataracts grows, a new laser surgery option is gaining momentum, with Mercy Hospital Springfield set to become the first in the region to offer the bladeless procedure next week. KSMU’s Scott Harvey reports.

Roughly 30 cataracts surgeries are performed at the hospital’s Eye and Ear Center each day, according to Dr. Shachar Tauber, Mercy ophthalmology section chair. And while the Catalys Precision Laser System won’t necessarily speed up the amount of patients right away, it’ll help with accuracy, he says.

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