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The first self-evident truth in the Declaration of Independence is the inspiration for this year's public affairs conference at Missouri State University. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Reflections on Self Government (April 4-7, 2017). I'm Nicki Donnelson and today my guest is Dr. Kevin Pybas. He is an associate professor of political science and this year's Provost Fellow for public affairs.  

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Sex trafficking is a bigger issue than you think, says Toshia Shaw, a behavioral health professional who has been working with victims of the crime for several years.

“We all have a responsibility as citizens – ethical citizens – to open our eyes, see what’s going on, report things that just out of place that doesn’t seem right.”

And Shaw knows all too well the devastating effects sex trafficking can have on victims.

“It can from school of hard knocks. I am myself a survivor of sex trafficking. But it happened to me as an adult,” she says.

Missouri State University will host the annual Public Affairs Conference April 14-17. Themed “The Ethical Citizen: Can You Make a Difference?” the conference will bring a variety of speakers with global perspectives to Springfield.

This conference will explore what it means to be an ethical citizen.

All events are free and open to the public.

Featured events during the conference include:

Big things are happening at Missouri State University, and Missourians as a whole are making an impact on the world. That’s part of what the Missouri State public affairs mission is all about: being a part of a global community. Mary Ann Wood, director of public affairs support, and Stephanie Lashley, senior director of donor relations and special events for the Missouri State Foundation, discuss the opening plenary speaker for the Missouri State University Public Affairs Conference and the Missouri Public Affairs Hall of Fame.

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Next Year’s Public Affairs Conference at Missouri State University will feature keynote speaker and Major League Baseball Hall-of-Famer Cal Ripken Jr.

Ripken’s presentation on April 14 is entitled Get in the Game.

“Mr. Ripken will address elements of ethical citizenship and perseverance – the strong will to succeed, to be consistent and to have conviction,” says Brent Dunn, executive director of the Missouri State University Foundation.