Rose O'Neill

(Poster design courtesy Springfield Contemporary Theatre)

The third of Springfield Contemporary Theatre's "Missouri Solo Play Festival" offerings debuts Friday January 15 at SCT Center Stage in downtown Springfield: Saving Rose O'Neill, written and performed by Marcia Haseltine and directed by Dr. Robert Bradley.

Michele Skalicky / KSMU

Two local organizations are keeping alive the amazing accomplishments of a woman who helped pave the way for female artists.  In this segment of KSMU's Sense of Community Series, Michele Skalicky takes us to Bonniebrook and to the Rose O'Neill Museum.

Set along a flowing stream, complete with waterfalls in the middle of the Ozarks woods, it’s easy to see why Rose O’Neill loved Bonniebrook.

Rose O'Neill: An Artist in the Ozark Hills

Apr 3, 2012

In our local history series, Sense of Place, we aim to bring you stories about people and events that have made our region what it is today. For this installment, KSMU’s Emma Wilson explores the life of one artist who left her mark on the Ozarks and the world.