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The Many Responsibilities of a Local Scientist

Dec 26, 2014
Anna Thomas / KSMU

“And of course the week before was like the busiest week probably of the entire year. I had like five projects running,” Hawkins said.

Jordan Hawkins, junior research scientist at Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) in Springfield, enters a code on a keypad that grants here access to the lab.

She normally arrives around 7 in the morning, and sometimes doesn’t leave until 6 p.m.

“It’s kind of what just needs to be done, and it’s very easy to do that when you have a passion for your work,” Hawkins said.

(Photo: KSMU/Randy Stewart)

   “Kat,” or Katherine, Allie is a visual artist, a teacher, and is the Department Chair of Fine Arts and Humanities, as well as the Art Gallery Manager, at Ozarks Technical College.  The day I spent following her around started early in the afternoon in the main Information Commons building at OTC. She was preparing to give a short talk at the OTC Board of Trustees meeting, before hightailing it over to the Gillioz Theatre building to preside over her Painting class.

(Photo: KSMU/Randy Stewart)

When you’re the Music Director of a symphony orchestra, the job doesn’t consist merely of a few rehearsals followed by a 2-hour concert once a month. And when you’re employed by two orchestras, multiply the workload by at least a factor of two... and that’s not including travel time.  Kyle Wiley Pickett is Music Director of both the Springfield Symphony and the Topeka Symphony orchestras.

Discovering the World through its Wildlife

Sep 26, 2014
courtesy of Sue Schuble

Sue Schuble has always had a passion for animals, but chose a different route for her career. Now 66, 13 years into her retirement, Schuble is traveling the world to explore its environment and wildlife.

“Not your average city trip, or beach trip or anything like that but it’s going to a place and finding out about a natural world and the environment that’s there,” Schuble said.

Her eco trips started out with a simple goal, to visit all the major national parks. Schuble visited all 59 in just seven years.

(Photo: KSMU/Randy Stewart)

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are utterly devastating to both the person diagnosed with the condition, and to their family and loved ones.  One of the most heartbreaking aspects of Alzheimer’s in particular is not just the memory loss, but that the individual is robbed of language ability and skills, the tools necessary for a person to express him- or herself.