Sense of Community

It was supposed to be a normal day on the lake.  David Sheets, his 16-year-old son Michael, and three of his teenaged friends had planned to meet another group at Table Rock Lake, outside of Branson. With their friends running late, the group decided to take the boat out on a short drive in the Beardsley Branch area.  Within minutes, David says they saw what looked like a vacant boat, yards away from a stranded swimmer.

It was a hot, humid July day in 1997 when sixteen-year-old Jennifer Williams and her then-boyfriend were driving on a rural highway near Couch, in south-central Missouri.

“He was driving down V Highway, and the right, front tire of his truck dropped off the edge of the highway. He overcorrected trying to get back on, and lost control. And he got thrown out, and I did, too,” Jennifer said.

Good morning, and welcome back to our Sense of Community series on local heroes.  I’m Jennifer Davidson. This morning, we hear of a utilities repair job gone terribly wrong, and we’ll hear this story through the voices of three men who were there.

The day after Thanksgiving, 2013, homeowner Scott Heidi was home alone working in his yard, mowing his grass.  He accidentally bumped a transformer, and about 15 minutes later saw something that looked like water seeping out of it.

Electric Linemen Use CPR Training to Save a Life

Mar 26, 2014

RANDY: Brian Wade has been an electric lineman for Laclede Electric Cooperative in Lebanon, Missouri for seven years.

"What's the job of a lineman?"

BRIAN WADE: The job of a lineman is making sure when people flip their light switch, the light comes on!  That's pretty much--maintenance is most of it, taking care of outages.