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Homeowners in the Ozarks Hold Their Own on Debt

Sep 25, 2013

Mike Smith here, continuing our Sense of Community Series discussion on homeowner debt in the Ozarks. 

Help is Available for Finding Your Way Out of Debt

Sep 25, 2013

Debt can be overwhelming.  Being unable to keep up with the bills can affect not only your finances but all aspects of your life—your health and happiness included.  So when someone offers to help, the relief is significant.

One place that helps people become debt free is located along busy Glenstone Avenue southwest of where the street intersects with Portland.

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service, a non-profit organization, helps approximately 300 people become debt free each year.

Karen Catt’s financial problems began around 2001 when she was going through a divorce.  She had no job and took on $14,000 in debt.