Springfield Fire Department Bomb Squad

Michele Skalicky / KSMU

In just over two weeks, there have been three highly publicized reports of suspicious items found in the Springfield area. But the frequency of these calls to the city’s bomb squad is not that uncommon.

Michele Skalicky / KSMU

Update: 3:01 p.m. 12-08-14:

An unattended bag found in front of U.S. Bank near downtown Springfield has been determined by the city’s bomb squad and FBI to not contain any hazardous materials.

The suspicious bag prompted an evacuation of the area, including bank employees and nearby Discovery Center of Springfield, where roughly 45 fifth-graders were stationed at the center’s Academy of Exploration.

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The Springfield Fire Department Bomb Squad says that a suspicious looking object at Park Central Square on Saturday has been removed from the area and rendered safe.

According to a news release from the city, passersby noticed the object around 9:00 pm. Saturday. They notified a police officer who then contacted the Springfield Fire Department Bomb Squad.