Springfield-Greene County Health Department

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The number of flu cases in Greene County continues to climb.  According to the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, there were 364 lab-confirmed reports of flu the week of December 31.

Much of the time, the flu requires only a visit or a virtual visit to a primary care doctor or other clinic.  Telemedicine is an option that allows a patient to stay home and be seen by a doctor via an electronic device such as a cell phone or laptop.  Other options include a visit to a primary care doctor, urgent care, a convenient care clinic or a retail clinic.

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During a luncheon Tuesday, Springfield City Council heard from Springfield-Greene County Health Department director, Clay Goddard, about universal licensure where all dogs would be required to be licensed.

Clay Goddard
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The assistant director of health for Springfield-Greene County has been promoted to director.

Clay Goddard will assume the role Nov. 12. He’ll take over for Kevin Gipson, who announced last week he’ll retire after 13 years as director.

Kevin Gipson
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The director for the Springfield-Greene County Health Department will soon retire after 13 years at the position.

Kevin Gipson announced Friday he’ll step down on Nov. 9. He’s been with the department for a total of 24 years and his public health career spans more than 35.


An ordinance to implement a prescription drug monitoring program in Springfield will go to the full city council for a vote after a council committee--the Community Involvement Committee—unanimously agreed Tuesday to take that action.

Before the vote, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department and Springfield’s Healthy Living Alliance recommended moving forward with the ordinance.

Springfield is planning to join a largely state-wide effort to receive a federal grant to implement a PDMP.  The grant would cover the cost of a program for the first two years.