Springfield Greene County Health Department

Springfield-Greene County Health Department
Scott Harvey / KSMU

Amid the holiday season comes another one: flu season. In Greene County, there were 88 cases of the illness as of Dec. 2, according to Kathryn Wall, public information administrator for the Springfield Greene County Health Department.

Wall said reports of the flu tend to increase around the holiday season when people do a lot traveling and tend to be within close quarters of others. 

“That’s why we really push for flu vaccine in October to really get ahead of it,” Wall added. 

Theresa Bettmann / KSMU

Officer Rob Rem with Springfield Animal Control is loading up to begin his rounds for the day.  He breaks the mold of the old fashioned “dog catcher” stereotype with his warm smile and outgoing personality.  But Rem says it is difficult to shake the negative perception the public often still holds.

“We don’t just drive around catching dogs—we’re trying to make a difference.”