Springfield Police Department

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The Springfield Police Department is looking for information about a missing woman from Springfield.  Ashley C. Onescu was last seen getting into a green Pontiac Grand Am near the Library Station at around 2 pm on June 30th.

According to a police news release, Onescu, who doesn’t have access to her prescription medication, has gone missing before, but she has always contacted family members by phone or social media.  Her family hasn’t heard from her since she was last seen on June 30th and fear she may be in danger.

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A new crash policy went into effect Friday in Springfield.  What used to be used as an “emergency status” during winter weather is now a full-time policy.  No police response is required and no crash report will be completed by officers if:  no injuries are involved; all vehicles involved are operable and don’t need to be towed; the crash resulted in no damage to public or private property; no alcohol/drug-impaired drivers are involved; no driver leaves before exchanging information and all drivers have valid proof of insurance.


When roads get snowy and icy, the Springfield Police Department often goes into “emergency status” for traffic crash response.  Motorists involved in minor crashes are asked to exchange information with other drivers involved and make a walk-in crash report if all vehicles are operable, there are no injuries and none of the drivers involved is alcohol or drug impaired.

But beginning August 1st, the Springfield Police Department will begin using this policy even when weather isn’t a factor.

Gunfire erupted during a lengthy standoff between Springfield law enforcement and a suspect Friday morning in the 2500 block of West Grand Street, resulting in one dead and a wounded officer. KSMU’s Scott Harvey reports.

Update 2-25-13 1:20 p.m.: Springfield Police have identified the deceased gunman in Friday morning’s shooting with law enforcement as that of Martin Y. Potts, a 29-year-old white male.