Scott Harvey / KSMU

Congressman Billy Long says it’ll take more than just airstrikes to effectively combat the Islamic State militant group.

The Republican representative for Missouri’s 7th District said he’s pleased in the decision for airstrikes against ISIS, but more is needed to take on a group that he says makes Al Qaida pale in comparison.

“I was on a conference call yesterday with Mike Rogers, chairman of intel [House Intelligence Committee], and the things that we know about ISIS are bone chilling, and we need to address that again sooner rather than later.”

Good morning, and welcome to Around the World, Here at Home.  I’m Jennifer Davidson.  This morning, we’ll hear about the country that's geographically the second largest in Europe—one that was, in the 10th and 11th centuries, the  center of the most powerful Slavic state in Europe:  Ukraine. Under Soviet rule, Ukraine endured two forced famines, before finally gaining its independence in 1991.