Zone Blitz

Scott Harvey / KSMU

Free haircuts, dental work, and family photos received by citizens of northwest Springfield Saturday brought what event organizers hope is the start of a strong foundation for change.

All told some 8,000 guests living in Zone 1 - an area of Springfield heavy in crime, illness and poverty – were treated to what officials dubbed the poverty-free experience.

“It was a one-day event but it was really the beginning of the city’s Zone 1 blitz to make an impact in that northwest quadrant of Springfield.”

Emily McTavish / KSMU

  Community members from each of Springfield’s Zone 1 neighborhoods had the opportunity to hear about various project ideas to improve the northwest quadrant at the Zone 1 Connect event on Saturday morning. However, it was also an opportunity to ask questions, share more ideas, consult maps, make priorities and scribble down notes.

City of Springfield with permission

The City of Springfield will wrap up its Community Listen sessions this week which, when done, will cover nine northwest neighborhoods. The meetings are the city’s way of giving communities a voice in an effort to find solutions for many common concerns and problems.  KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann attended some of those sessions and has this report.

Alissa Zhu / KSMU

City of Springfield and community leaders will conduct a series of neighborhood meetings this month in an effort improve quality of life.

The tour, called Community Listen, comes following a multi-year study that showed many challenges still exist locally, according to a letter penned by City Manager Greg Burris.

He’s asking citizens to come share their thoughts on what is needed in the community, which will allow leaders to develop a responsive plan.