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Business Review
5:12 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Missouri State’s $22 million in FY 2014 Grants Marks Record

Credit Scott Harvey / KSMU

Grants to Missouri State University increased nine percent in Fiscal Year 2014 compared to the previous year. The university’s Office of Research Administration announced this week that a total of 289 grants donated to faculty and staff set a new record of $22 million.

These externally funded grants are used for a broad spectrum of ventures at Missouri State, says Dr. Erin Parrish, director of Research Administration. One example, she says, is funding from the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), which aids teaching training.

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Missouri State Journal
4:08 pm
Wed July 23, 2014

Ancient Greece Leaves Legacy of Drama, Democracy and Argument

    Ancient Athens can be credited for so much of the foundation that is today’s society: drama, both tragedy and comedy, and democracy with laws made by the people. Dr. Edwin Carawan, professor of modern and classical languages at Missouri State University, noted that the ancient Athenians also created the art of speech writing and rhetoric, both of which have inspired his publishing projects, which have focused on the intersection of law and rhetoric.

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Education Connection
8:55 am
Wed July 23, 2014

Vaccination Clinics to be Held Soon at Springfield High Schools

Person Receiving a vaccination
Credit Blake Patterson / flickr

This July is finally starting to feel like a typical Ozarks summer, but before long, students will be donning backpacks and heading back to school.  One thing they’ll need to do to prepare is get up to date on their vaccinations.  To help with that, the Springfield Public Schools District is holding immunization clinics at all five city high schools.  KSMU’s Michele Skalicky has more.

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The Education Beat
5:34 pm
Tue July 22, 2014

MSU Students to Receive Training on New Title IX Policy

Credit Scott Harvey / KSMU

The Missouri State University Board of Governors recently approved a comprehensive policy to deal with sexual misconduct on campus. KSMU’s Alissa Zhu has more on the decision.

The Title IX policy on Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Other Forms of Sexual Misconduct is a new approach formulated to improve upon existing complaint procedures in place to address issues of discrimination and sexual harassment.  

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Engaging the Community
7:37 am
Fri July 18, 2014

President Smart: Outcome of Veto Session May Determine Mid-Year Tuition Increase

Lawmakers will return to the state capitol in September for its annual veto session.
Credit Scott Harvey / KSMU

The President of Missouri State University says the state legislature needs to work out its differences to avoid withholdings that are compromising school budgets.

Clif Smart recommended to the MSU Board of Governors in June to pass the Fiscal Year 2015 budget as is, noting that the school had a plan in place should certain monies be withheld.   

That plan is now playing out following Governor Jay Nixon’s recent announcement to withhold more than $1 billion from the state budget.

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