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Construction crews this week will begin work on a $2.3 million project to upgrade a busy Springfield intersection.

Roadway and stormwater improvements are planned at Campbell Avenue and Primrose Street and surrounding areas in south Springfield. It’s funded by the 1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales tax revenues.

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A planned rate increase for wastewater service in Springfield went into effect Wednesday. Citizens will see the three percent increase reflected on their August bill from City Utilities.

The city determines sewer rates based on water consumption because the majority of water residents use goes down drains and toilets and ends up in the wastewater system. Springfield Cleanwater Services charges a minimum sewer bill and a specific rate for each additional CCF, or centum cubic feet. One CCF equals 748 gallons.

City of Springfield

Springfield City Council has tabled the resolution allowing the motto “In God We Trust” to be displayed in Council Chambers at City Hall or in a prominent location above the city seal.  Council member Justin Burnett sponsored the resolution. He was against the motion to table it.

"I think it would be disrespectable to the audience that we have that's come out to speak to us to table it at this point.  We have a lot of people that have come out just to speak to this agenda item--those for and those against, and I would like to hear the comments from them," he said.

City of Springfield

Parts of South Creek, which runs through the middle of Springfield, are natural—they look like any stream would.  But a segment of it was converted years ago for stormwater control purposes to a concrete channel.  That one mile section, between Campbell and Kansas along Sunset Avenue, will be restored to a more natural condition starting today (6/15).

Springfield Clean Water Services

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has given its consent to the city of Springfield’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow Control Plan (OCP).

The city made the announcement Tuesday in a news release.