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Architecture Workshop Plans to Rejuvenate Section of Commercial Street

An architecture workshop on Saturday in Springfield will address the future of 3.5 acres of land along Commercial Street, including the Missouri Hotel. Owned by the Kitchen, Inc., the eight total buildings and several lots are up for sale as the non-profit relocates. Faculty and students from the Hammons School of Architecture’s Center for Community Studies (CCS) will lead the session to identify how best to develop the area. They will present their ideas to partners and stakeholders includin...
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Major Powers Call For 'Cessation Of Hostilities' In Syria — But It's Complicated

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced late Thursday that they had agreed to push for a "nationwide cessation of hostilities" in Syria within one week.The communiqué backed by major world powers also vowed to work toward getting humanitarian aid into hard-to-reach areas such as the city of Aleppo.But major questions remain about what this will actually mean on the ground in a country torn apart by five years of war.The announcement happened dur...
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(Photo courtesy Patrick Mureithi)

Patrick Mureithi, Artist-in-Residence at Drury University, is perhaps best known as creator of two documentary films about Africa: Icyizere: Hope, focusing on ten survivors and ten perpetrators on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda; and Kenya: Until Hope is Found, a film about healing from the trauma of that country's 2007/8 post election violence.  A special fan of the latter film was the late film critic Roger Ebert, who not only called it "an urgent documentary by a filmmaker I admire," but even contributed funds toward the completion of the film.

(Poster design courtesy Springfield Contemporary Theatre)

Springfield Contemporary Theatre presents the area premiere of the musical Hands on a Hardbody, directed by Rick Dines, Feb. 12-28 at SCT Center Stage, corner of Pershing Street and Robberson Avenue in the west end of the Wilhoit Plaza building.

In India, Facebook has a program to give people free Internet access — just to use Facebook and handful of other services. Earlier this week, regulators in that country ruled that the program is discriminatory to other websites and is illegal. A Facebook board member took to Twitter to criticize the ruling. And in so doing, he sparked a global controversy.

It got ugly.

"I am outraged and tremendously disappointed in the behavior displayed by a group of students," says Texas A&M University President Michael Young, after a group of students from an inner-city high school were called racial slurs and told, "Go back where you came from."

Penalty For Home Birth: A Chicken Or A Cow

1 hour ago

How do you solve a problem like health? That's the question experts from around the globe asked earlier this year in Salzburg, Austria, at Schloss Leopoldskron — where parts of The Sound of Music were once filmed.

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If you follow the vast world of fermented grapes, you may have noticed an influx of so-called natural wines. I fell under their spell a few years ago. Apparently, I'm not alone. There's something of a natural wine cult blooming in shops, bars and restaurants around the U.S.

Money May Not Buy You Love, But It Sure Helps

3 hours ago

A candlelit dinner, a bottle of bubbly Champagne and a beautiful date. You tear your gaze away for a second to glance at the check your waiter just gave you. Your heart skips a beat at the sight of the three-digit number. But never mind, the stunning smile across the table is worth it.


Relationships come with sweet romance and accelerating heartbeats, but money, unfortunately, is often a crucial ingredient in the mix as well. Think about it: Weekly date nights, vacations, wedding, honeymoon and even divorce ring up bills of all sorts.