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Missouri Governor Mike Parson has released a statement following  President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace outgoing U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

“Thanks to President Trump, America is one step closer to a Supreme Court that reflects our values," he said.  "The Senate should move swiftly to confirm Judge Kavanaugh who is eminently qualified and a proven conservative. The Supreme Court should interpret the law, not make the law. This is an enormous opportunity to make lasting change for our next generation.”

Exploring the Human Interest Stories of the Ozarks

Jul 9, 2018
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This week on Making Democracy Work, host Leslie Carrier, speaks with founder of Ozarks Alive--Kaitlyn McConnell.

Today's discussion looks at this endeavor by McConnell to explore the rich history and traditions of the Ozarks, through her cultural preservation project.

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Anyone who’s been to the Buffalo National River can attest to the beauty of the area, with its massive cliffs, cool, clear water, abundant wildlife and many diverse hiking trails.  But some may not realize the effort it took to create the park and the impact that had on landowners.

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Governor Mike Parson signed legislation into law Friday in Springfield concerning emergency medical services and 911 emergency communication services.

Many representatives of emergency response services across the state as well as lawmakers who pushed for their passage in the Missouri Legislature were at the Greene County Public Safety Center to witness the signing of the bills.

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This is Marideth Sisco for These Ozarks Hills. Well, there’s no getting around it. With the solstice past last week, summer is in full swing, and there’s no better evidence than in and around my garden, where everything I’ve planted is leaping out of the ground with limbs stretched toward the sun, and lots of things I didn’t plant reaching to compete. I appreciated the week of cooler weather that gave me more hours to weed, but still didn’t get to everything. And I also appreciated some of the things I found while weeding, though not all that much.