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After years of increased appropriations for higher education, Missouri’s recent revenue situation has led to fewer dollars for the state’s colleges and universities. And it’s not expected to get better anytime soon. That’s why at Missouri State University officials began this summer preparing a financial sustainability plan.

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The Starvy Creek Fall Bluegrass Festival continues today and tomorrow (9/15-9/16) in Conway, featuring Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, The Dalton Gang, Big Mill and more.

The Community Blood Center of the Ozarks needs help replenishing its blood supplies after sending 100 units to hurricane ravaged areas of Florida. 

According to the CBCO, separate shipments were sent to Lee Memorial Hospital in Ft. Myers, Florida and OneBlood, the independent supplier of blood to many hospitals in Florida.  CBCO spokesman Chris Pilgrim says blood donations have just resumed in the areas hit by Hurricane Irma, but acute shortages exist while people put their lives back together after the disaster.

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Missouri State University’s Meyer Library is now home to a world-class collection of military insignias.

A dedication event was held Wednesday for the Pete and Sara Morgan Military Insignia Collection, which adds to the library’s Special Collections and Archives unit.

While it is true that the path of totality for the latest solar eclipse passed directly over Missouri, not all of the sun was completely obscured. Instead a nebulous region of plasma, called the corona, extends out into space and is not covered by the disc of the moon during totality. But, since the sun's primary surface is covered, some portions of the corona can be studied only during an eclipse. To exploit this fact a group of scientists set up teams across the US to take telescopic observations of the sun during totality.