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News Director & Content Coordinator

As News Director, Jennifer oversees news gathering and production for KSMU-Ozarks Public Radio; in her role as Content Coordinator, she makes sure all programs on KSMU, including those produced locally, nationally, and internationally, flow seamlessly over the air.  She trains the student reporters and announcers and hosts the monthly program Engaging the Community.

Jennifer hails from West Plains, Missouri, and graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Her Master's Degree from Missouri State University blended Middle Eastern politics and journalism. She lived in the Persian Gulf for five years and studied at the American University in Cairo. 

She's the author of "Covering Elections for Smaller Newsrooms: A Template," and is always eager to hear story ideas or feedback from community members and listeners.

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Jennifer Moore / KSMU

Gene Stanley has owned Guns 4 U, a firearms store in rural Howell County, southern Missouri, for about 15 years. Before that, he sold herbs. 

He’s been around guns since he was a little boy, he said, hunting for rabbit and squirrel.

“The news always has a huge effect upon our business here," he said.  

"So any time there’s some kind of a national or local disaster,  it always does have a big effect upon us as individuals and as customers," he said.

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Currently, Missouri law gives state colleges and universities the right to decide who can carry a firearm on campus—and who cannot.

Representative Jered Taylor, a Republican from Nixa, is sponsoring a bill that would change that.

H.B. 1936 would allow Conceal and Carry permit holders to take their weapons on state campuses—including students—and it would ban state institutions of higher education from stopping them.

“The reason I’m doing it this way is because they have failed to act,” Taylor said.

Fairview Facebook Page

Miles out a hilly, state highway near West Plains, parents are dropping their kids off near the doors of a K-8 public school where several staff members—including teachers—are wearing concealed firearms.

Fairview School is one of five, rural, satellite schools that feed into the West Plains High School (and it’s where this reporter's child has been attending for several years). 

Neither the kids nor their parents know who’s carrying a gun here.

The policy has been in place for about five years.  Aaron Sydow is the superintendent.

Jim Evans / Facebook

A previous contender for Missouri's 7th Congressional seat is running again—this time for a different party. 

Republic resident Jim Evans ran as a Democrat against Republican Congressman Billy Long in 2012 and 2014.


But this year he’s running as a Republican.  Evans officially registered as a candidate last week in Jefferson City.  

"I don't even consider it a switch," Evans told KSMU. "I'm an independent-minded, middle of the road person. I've spent most of my life voting Republican."

Josh Hawley
Carolina Hidalgo / St. Louis Public Radio

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is urging lawmakers to make three major changes to how the state enforces its public records laws:

·  First, he’s proposing to create a new division within his office that would have independence when investigating state violators of the Sunshine Law, Missouri’s open records law.

·   Hawley is asking lawmakers for the power to issues subpoenas when investigating public records law cases.