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KSMU Contributor/Missouri State University Journalist-in-Residence

As the Journalist-in-Residence at Missouri State University, Jennifer teaches undergraduate and graduate students, oversees a semester-long, team reporting project, and contributes weekly stories to KSMU Radio in the area of public affairs journalism.

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Burrell Behavioral Health, the main provider of mental and behavioral health care in the Ozarks, has a new President and CEO.   Dr. C.J. Davis has taken the helm of the private, non-profit organization based in Springfield.

He said access to mental health services is the number one priority at this time.

"Organizations are struggling with the large number of people that are calling our phones, trusting in our organization and our ability to get them in, and get them in quickly," Davis said.


Missouri is one of five states that prosecute all 17-year-olds as adults in the criminal justice system, no matter the offense.  There’s an effort to change that in the Show-Me State to where 17-year-olds would instead go through the juvenile justice system as kids. 

The Justice Policy Institute, an organization that advocates for raising the age to 18 nationwide, says the change is needed to keep young people safe.

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled last week that a public defender in southeast Missouri had to get approval from a judge before rejecting new cases.

The head of Missouri’s Public Defender System, Michael Barrett, tells KSMU the most recent ruling creates a conflict for his team of attorneys because they are expected to take on an extraordinarily high number of cases—while still being held to the same ethical standards, and disciplanary action, as other lawyers.

Jennifer Moore

A few years ago, when the political debate was raging over whether to expand Missouri’s Medicaid program as part of Obamacare, we brought you the story of Anita Sutherland of south-central Missouri.  She was one of the estimated 300,000 Missourians who would have suddenly been covered if Missouri lawmakers had accepted those federal dollars to expand the government program.

Missouri State Parks

There's a place in the Ozarks where wild horses still roam and where the most adventurous of hikers can wander the wilderness for days.

For those listeners looking for a fall adventure, I took a day trip with my daughter to Missouri’s newest developed state park, Echo Bluff State Park, and brought along a recorder so we could create an audio postcard.

We begin by loading up the bikes since Echo Bluff has plenty of trails.