Bond Issue for Schools Before Willard Voters Tuesday

Oct 30, 2014

Credit Ken Zirkel / Flickr

Voters in the Willard School District will decide a $15.2 million bond issue on next Tuesday’s ballot. 

District superintendent Dr. Kent Medlin says one of the goals of the bond is to add classroom space and general renovations to both North Elementary and the intermediate school.

“Just, honestly, a face lift for both of those older buildings.  One building we are spending over $3 million on; the other we are looking at over $4 million on, so the lion’s share of the bond issue is a reinvestment into these two buildings," he said.

According to Medlin, the school district is in need of new space because it’s been seeing a significant growth in the student population over the last few years.  

“The school district has grown over 1000 students in a decade, its grown over 250 students since FY13, so basically what saved us from even more dramatic growth, we think, is that the growth slowed during the recession years, so we had more dramatic growth prior to the recession and then during the years of the recession it slowed and really stopped.  And now as the economy seems to be gradually pulling out of the recession, that growth has begun again.  We are growing at the 125 to 150 student rate again," he said.

The bond issue calls for a .15 cent raise to the debt service tax, which is currently at .92 cents.

“If you own a home that is valued at 100,000 in the Willard School District, this will increase your taxes by $2.38 per month," he said.

If the measure passes, North and Orchard Hills Elementary would receive considerable renovations, including security upgrades and the creation of new learning commons areas.  Willard High School would also receive a new multipurpose building as well as a new track and turf replacement at their stadium.

For more information on the ballot measure, click here