Broadway Musical "Shenendoah" Revived in Mount Vernon

Jul 18, 2014

Based on the 1965 Hollywood film, the Civil War-era musical "Shenendoah," which debuted on Broadway in 1975, is based on the original film screenplay, but with songs by Gary Geld and Peter Udell added. It’s not a well-known show, and not often performed.  But area residents will have the opportunity to see a fully-staged production of "Shenendoah" when Mount Vernon Community Theatre and Rebel’s Bluff Troupe collaborate perform the musical Thursday through Saturday July 24-26 at 7:00pm and Sunday the 27th at 3:00pm at the MARC (Mount Vernon Arts & Recreation Center), 822 W. Mount Vernon Blvd. 

Matt Teal, President of Mount Vernon Community Theatre directs this production.  He says “there are a few changes here and there” from the film script to the stage version, “mostly to bring out certain characters” who now have more to do than they did in the movie. “But for the most part, it’s the movie with lavish Broadway songs.” The 4th Missouri Infantry, a group active in Civil War re-enactments complete with authentic Civil War uniforms as well as weapons and props, is helping the company produce the show.  "Shenendoah" tells the story of Charlie Anderson, a widower with six sons and a daughter, and his efforts to keep his family safe and out of the war. But as director Matt Teal says, “they do get brought into the war: one son is kidnapped; a couple of the kids are killed.  And at one point in the second

Matt Teal, President of Mount Vernon Community Theatre, directs their production of the rarely-heard Broadway musical "Shenendoah."
Credit (Photo: KSMU/Randy Stewart)

act they have to go looking for the youngest son, Robert.”  For more information visit Mt.Vernon Community Theatre on Facebook or call House Manager Angela Statton-Hunt at (417) 413-4104.