Greene County Cites Worker Dedication, Successful Veto Session in Issuing Wage Hike

Sep 18, 2014

Credit Scott Harvey / KSMU

Greene County employees will receive a cost of living adjustment of three percent effective in October. The announcement on Thursday by the Greene County Commission marks the first salary adjustment for county staff in six years.

In a letter to employees, the commission noted that its fund balance is now at a level which allows for the pay raise. Credited was the advancement of its employee financial literacy goals and dedication and sacrifice of its workers.

The commission also said the Missouri Legislature’s decision not to override SB 584 was “instrumental in allowing the decision to be made.” The county had said the legislation included tax exemptions that would strip as much as $4 million from its budget annually.   

Commissioner Harold Bengsch said, "We appreciate the actions of both the Governor and our local legislative delegation in recognizing the negative impact the veto override and holdbacks would have had on Greene County."  

Presiding Commissioner Jim Viebrock said officials will be closely monitoring the financial health of the county and hope another salary adjustment is possible in the near future.  Commissioner Roseann Bentley hopes that can come in 2015, as the commission evaluates the budget.  

Bentley added, "We are all so very grateful for the dedication of our employees and delighted the Commission is able to provide this long overdue cost of living adjustment."