IMAGES: Beating the Heat at Jordan Valley Park's Fountains

Jul 15, 2017

While many adults may find the higher temperatures that summer days bring to Springfield as uncomfortable, children seem to have a different view on what a hot summer day is like.

For father Kevin Kleier, and his three daughters, hot summer days mean visiting the fountain at Jordan Valley Park in downtown Springfield.

Mia, who’s 10, Madison, who’s 8, and Brooklyn, who’s only just 1, seemed unfazed by the 95-degree weather. They were more concerned with a small orange ball and getting to balance on one of the fountain’s jets.

“We have been coming to the park for three years,” said Kleier. “We found out about it after coming to a birthday party here.”

The park itself is not hidden and runs next to E Trafficway St between N Benton Ave and N Sherman Pkwy. What is hidden from those driving by the park is the fountain which sits at the bottom of a small hill.

That day roughly 15 people were relaxing at the park, either in the fountain completely or just dipping their feet in a stream that flows around it.

The sound of children playing in the fountain, water shooting out of the jets, and an occasional passing car was all you heard at the park.

And as I started to leave Mia's and Madison's screams of delight joined those sounds. They had finally gotten their orange ball to stay on one of the fountain's streams.