McClure Sworn in as Springfield Mayor, Calls for Civility and Accountability

Apr 11, 2017

Ken McClure is officially Springfield mayor, having been sworn in shortly after noon Tuesday. It came a week after defeating fellow councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky.

The two shared a hug after McClure took the oath of office, and before he took his seat at the dais. Then, making his first statement as mayor, McClure said council is poised to move the city in the right direction and in the right way.

“We will work to make sure that our agreement with the community maintains the highest professional standards of civility and accountability and reflects the shared vision that we all have of moving the community forward,” said McClure.

Screenshot of McClure addressing council for first time as mayor.
Credit City of Springfield

While at times contentious, McClure says the campaign process did bring positivity in that it affirmed candidates’ commitments toward public safety and economic growth.

“We know where we need to focus. And it’s now time as a council to clearly define those objectives – to work together in the best way to achieve those.”

Shortly before handing the reigns to McClure, Bob Stephens briefly shared thanks for his time on council and as mayor.

“Thank you to the voters and the citizens for allowing me to serve for the past eight years. This will be my final council meeting and it has truly been an honor to serve all of you,” Stephens said.  

Also being sworn in Tuesday were returning Council members General Seat A Councilwoman Jan Fisk; General Seat B Councilman Craig Hosmer; Zone 1 Councilwoman Phyllis Ferguson; and  Zone 4 Councilman Craig Fishel were also sworn in. Zone 2 Councilman Tom Prater was out of town and will be sworn in at a later date. Fulnecky continues to serve in the General C seat, which has two years remaining in its current term.

City Council is now taking applications for McClure’s vacant General D seat. Paperwork is due back to the City Clerk’s office by 5 p.m., Tuesday, April 25. City Council will review the applications and is expected to conduct finalist interviews in early May. The person chosen will fill the unexpired term until the April 2019 election.