Messiah Project Presents a 'Bon Voyage' Concert Locally Before a Trip to Greece and Turkey

Jun 19, 2015

Before their two-week tour of Greece and Turkey, Messiah Project will preview their "Revelation Concert" for the local audience on June 20.
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In a few weeks, a team of more than 30 musicians and travelers will embark on a Messiah Project tour of Greece and Turkey, with a concert of music based on the Book of Revelation—everything from classical to jazz to gospel, with choral works and solo performances.  Messiah Project will present a “Bon Voyage” concert Saturday June 20th at 7:00pm at All Saints Anglican Church, 2751 E. Galloway.  The concert will include pianist Jonathan Story playing Beethoven’s Sonata No.11 as well as four-hand selections along with keyboardist Dr. Linda Ligate. Kara Story will perform some jazz and gospel selections, and the Messiah Chorale will perform music by Handel (three choruses from "Messiah"), John Ness Beck, and a lively selection “John the Revelator," which Messiah Project director and Founder Lindsey Robison describes as "kind of a black gospel, 'soul-ish' piece." Commentary by Dr. John Hutchinson will tie all the concert elements together. Also, Lindsey Robison will share the history and mission of Messiah Project. A reception will follow the concert with light refreshments.  

The group will perform throughout Greece for two weeks, with their final concert taking place on the island of Patmos, "where John penned the Book of Revelation. It's been a dream of mine for a long time--actually, almost 40 years," says Lindsey Robison of Messiah Project.  He first became acquainted with John Ness Beck's "The Vision of Saint John" when he was singing in Mid-America Singers and then-director Sam Gordon programmed it.  "It's kind of the core piece for this tour.  It's not easy--it's one of the most difficult pieces we've done for some time. We're happy to do it for the Springfield audience before we go to Greece."

For more information call 883-5274.