Profile of Marideth Sisco

Apr 27, 2007

KSMU's new monthly series "These Ozarks Hills" will feature stories about people and places in the Ozarks collected and presented by long-time journalist Marideth Sisco. Over a 20 year span, she worked as a reporter for the West Plains newspaper "The Quill." To begin our series, KSMU's Missy Shelton spoke with Marideth about her own history in the Ozarks and the stories she loves to tell.

Marideth Sisco grew up in Barry County.

Marideth Sisco says she finds the wounds of the Civil War run deep...and the stories from that era are an important part of Ozarks history.

The stories of the Ozarks, whether sad, funny or somewhere in between have long intrigued Marideth Sisco.

She has a passion for collecting the stories of the past and sharing those with the next generation.

Marideth hopes to tell the story of the late May Kennedy McCord, a musician and radio personality who was well-known throughout the Ozarks and beyond.

Marideth says May Kennedy McCord is just one example of someone who personified the directness of people in the Ozarks.

Marideth Sisco will be collecting and sharing stories about the people and places of the Ozarks on KSMU as part of our new monthly series "These Ozarks Hills." Her first program will air in May.