Proposed Water/Sewer Rate Increase for Joplin Targeted at those who Use the Most Water

Feb 1, 2018

Credit Aqua Mechanical / Flickr

Joplin residents are being asked to comment on proposed a water and sewer general rate increase for Missouri American Water.  A public meeting will be held tonight for customers to learn more about the request and to comment on it.

The company is making the move to have the same fixed charge and volumetric charge statewide.  That means, when upgrades are required in other parts of the state, the costs are borne by all Missouri American Water customers, including those in Joplin.

The company proposes reducing the fixed charge from $15.33 to $10 and increasing the volumetric charge or price per 1,000 gallons of water consumed from $3.74 to $6.30. 

According to the City of Joplin, today, a residential customer pays approximately $33.00 per month for 4,750 gallons. If the company’s request is adopted as-is, a Joplin residential customer will pay approximately $40.00 per month for 4,750 gallons. A customer who typically uses 10,000 gallons per month pays approximately $52.75 per month today, and this request would increase that to $72.95 per month.

The meeting starts at 5:30 at Missouri Southern State University’s Mills-Anderson Justice Center, 3950 E. Newman Rd.  You can also comment online.