Serving All Ages

Apr 10, 2017

Public radio isn’t just for adults. And while it’s not uncommon for youth to listen to KSMU, donating to the station may not come until later. Not for Zealand Gentry Leer, who at age 5 hand-delivered her contribution to staff at the KSMU studios.  

“She got really excited about donating to KSMU,” her mother, Kass, recalls. “And we made a big deal of it, we counted the days before we went, we got in the car, and she decided she wanted to hand the money in in person.”

It remains a vivid memory for Zealand, who remembers observing the images on the walls of various public radio celebrities.

“And I remember, I think it was that time we went, we saw all the pictures of the Car Guys...and we were like ohhhh, that’s what they look like!" said Zealand. 

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