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Missouri Photo ID Law
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Missouri’s secretary of state is moving forward with educating citizens on a new voter ID law that went into effect earlier this month. This comes as opponents are claiming the legislation makes it more difficult for people to vote.

Last November, 63 percent of Missourians approved Amendment 6, also known as HB 1631. The amendment requires a photo ID to vote. The state must assist voters without a photo ID in obtaining a free non-driver’s license for the purpose of voting.

At Forum, Group Shares Concerns on Amendment 6

Oct 26, 2016
Amendment 6 panel
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“220,000 Missourians, that is a significant amount of people who would lose their access to the polling place, lose their voice, and lose their voting to choose who writes their legislation for them,” said Alex Johnson, a Drury University senior.

The statement by Johnson summarized the focus of Tuesday evening’s forum, presented by the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri. The event was branded Photo ID for Voters, It’s Not So Simple, and held at Drury’s Findlay Student Center Ballroom.

Missouri voters have four constitutional amendments on the November ballot. The amendments cover a wide array of issues, ranging from early voting to the admissibility of prior sex crimes, teacher tenure and the governor's power over the state budget.

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