City of Branson

Arlington Police Department / Arlington Police Department

The Branson Police Department has announced a new police chief.

According to a press release from the city, Jeff Matthews will bring 33 years of law enforcement experience to the position of Chief of Police.  He is currently serving as Deputy Chief of the Arlington, Texas Police Department.

Matthews will take over for Stan Dobbins who has been serving as interim police chief. Dobbins, who was also the former police chief, is now the Branson City Administrator.

The City of Branson hopes new improvements it’s made at the Compton Sewer Treatment Plant will help protect critical infrastructure.

According to city officials, Branson has worked to improve its flood defenses after each big flood. It’s currently using lessons learned during the 2017 flood events.

Project Lifesaver International

A recent purchase by the Branson Police Department is designed to find someone quickly if they wander off. 

The $10,000 purchase included seven "tracker" bracelets or transmitters, two receivers and training for officers. 

City of Branson

A World War II statue in Branson depicts 50 soldiers storming a beach.  The 15-ton, bronze statue was purchased along with two others from Cornerstone Bank in York, Nebraska for $1 million.  Two are currently on display in the city, but the so-called “50-Man Statue” is in storage.  Now, city leaders are trying to decide what to do with it.

City of Branson

The Branson Fire Department is urging residents to watch what they throw away.  That’s following an increase in commercial garbage truck fires in the city and in the surrounding area.

According to the City of Branson, the latest was Thursday morning when a driver was emptying a trash container along Highway 76 and noticed smoke coming from the compactor.  He immediately dumped his load onto the parking lot at the new Visitor Center and called the fire department.