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McCaskill Extends VA Survey to Southern Missouri Clinics

Aug 26, 2014
Jennifer Davidson, KSMU

US Senator Claire McCaskill visited southern Missouri Tuesday to announce that her office will survey veterans there on the care they receive at local VA facilities. As KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson reports, thousands of vets in more urban areas have already taken McCaskill’s survey.

The Senator told a small group of veterans at the VA Clinic in West Plains that clinics in Kansas City and St. Louis are seeing their patient satisfaction rates climb upward after being held accountable for long wait times and poor communication.   This survey, she said, has been part of that effort.

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A bipartisan group of eight senators has introduced legislation that takes aim at sexual assaults on college and university campuses.

Missouri’s Claire McCaskill, who recently commissioned a survey of 440 colleges about campus sexual assaults, was among the lawmakers to present the Campus Safety and Accountability Act.

The legislation will protect and empower students, and strengthen transparency for institutions. It also establishes stiff penalties for non-compliance with training, data and best practices outlined by the legislation.

Missouri State Seal
Scott Harvey / KSMU

The Missouri State University Board of Governors recently approved a comprehensive policy to deal with sexual misconduct on campus. KSMU’s Alissa Zhu has more on the decision.

The Title IX policy on Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Other Forms of Sexual Misconduct is a new approach formulated to improve upon existing complaint procedures in place to address issues of discrimination and sexual harassment.  

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Former U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, R-Wildwood, is continuing this week to make the rounds of the national news outlets as he promotes his new book, “Firing Back.”

But most Republicans, nationally and in Missouri, are continuing to ignore his book – and him.

In the book, Akin generally defends his controversial 2012 contention that in cases of “legitimate rape,’’ women rarely get pregnant because “their bodies have ways of shutting the whole thing down.”

Sen. Claire McCaskill's Office

One in five US colleges and universities don’t train their staff on how to respond to campus sexual assaults, and almost one in three don’t teach their students awareness about it. Those are some of the findings in a national survey of 440 institutions of higher education.The study was spearheaded by US Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri. KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson has more.

McCaskill told reporters the survey’s findings must serve as a “wake up call” to American colleges and universities.