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Drury Professor Sheds Light on NASA’s Images of Pluto

Jul 16, 2015
NASA/Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

This week NASA revealed some detailed images of one the farthest objects in the solar system, Pluto. The views came after one of the agency’s space crafts that was launched in January 2006 finally reached its destination.

Drury University Physics Professor Dr. Greg Ojakangas, who received his doctorate degree in planetary astrophysics, was very excited about NASA’s discovery and what it means for the future.

“We have now visited by American spacecraft every planet in the solar system,” he said.

Drury University
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Roughly 3,000 junior and high school students, parents, coaches and spectators are expected to visit Springfield next year as part of a national speech and debate tournament.

Drury University will play host to the 2016 National Invitational Tournament of Champions May 20-28, 2016.

The Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau announced Wednesday that the city was selected by Stoa, a speech and debate organization for Christian homeschooling families.

Drury University

Trees not only contribute to the aesthetics of a community, they provide so much more.  And area cities and organizations know this:  Drury University received a first time recognition as a Tree Campus, while Springfield and West Plains have continued to maintain Tree City USA titles.  KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann talks with local arborists to learn more about what it takes to achieve this type of recognition and why this is so important.


In this segment of Making Democracy Work, Leslie Carrier talks with Kelley Still, executive director of the Edward Jones Center for Entrepreneurship, about the center and what it offers. 

Steve Fines / KSMU

Springfield-based Musgrave Foundation today gifted $120,000 to the Ozarks Food Harvest, which the organization plans to convert to more than $1 million in food for citizens in need.

Bart Brown is the president and CEO of Ozarks Food Harvest.