Engaging the Community

This monthly program features Missouri State University President Clif Smart discussing the implications of national and international events on the University and local community. Join us as we look at current events and public affairs through a local lens.

In a surprise announcement, Governor Jay Nixon revealed that a major settlement between mortgage banks and several states means that Missouri will soon see an addition $40 million go toward higher education next fiscal year. MSU's interim president, Clif Smart, discusses how this revision will impact MSU's budget cuts specifically.

Governor Jay Nixon's budget proposal includes double digit funding cuts to higher education. In this month's "Engaging the Community," Missouri State University Interim President Clif Smart discusses the implications of such a deep cut in state dollars.

An incident at UC Davis last month gained national attention as video circulated online of campus police using pepper spray against peaceful protesters. In this edition of Engaging the Community, Missouri State University Interim President Clif Smart discusses his take on the incident as well as the policies at MSU that govern protests and demonstrations.

The Lessons for Other Universities from Penn State

Dec 1, 2011

In this November's installment, Interim President Clif Smart discusses what other universities can learn from the events at Penn State in light of a former assistant coach being charged with sexually assaulting minors on campus and administrators losing their jobs due to how they handled the situation.